Sunday, 26 May 2013

how to recover deleted files from camera and sd card

Digital camera is one of the most useful electronic device in our daily life. We use digital camera to take beautiful photos and record nice videos which help us to keep our memories. SD card is commonly used in digital cameras to store the photo and video files. It is so useful as it is easy to transfer files and bring SD card to different devices. SD card is also used on other devices like mobile phones, android table, external usb flash drive, and other pen drive.

Imagine one day that you see memory card error when you want to copy photos and video files from SD card to computer, or accidentally deleted photos or video files from camera SD card, or by mistake format the mobile phone SD card but haven't back up files on SD card. Is it still possible to recover those deleted files? Are we able to recover deleted photos and videos from SD card? I am sure that these questions come out when you met situations above.

In this article, we will talk about how to restore deleted files from camera SD card. It works for all kinds of digital cameras, including Sony Cyber-shot DSC camera, Canon PowerShot Elph 330 HS, Canon PowerShot A1400, Canon EOS 6D, Sony Alpha 77, Nikon D5200, Olympus OM-D E-M5,
Samsung NX300, Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ200, Ricoh GR.

If you accidentally deleted or formatted photos from mobile phones like Samsung Galaxy S3 or BlackBerry, you may refer to this mobile phone photo recovery guide.

 The easiest way to get back deleted photos from digital camera is by using a digital camera file recovery program that will recognize and locate the deleted photo data and convert them back to original photo. One good application we tested and recommended is called Asoftech Photo Recovery for Windows.
Click to download the Photo Recovery software

After installing the software
1. Connect digital camera to computer
If digital camera does not show as a drive letter (e.g. E:) in computer, you will need to use a SD card reader to connect the SD card to computer.

2. Launch Asoftech Photo Recovery

3. Choose digital camera SD card drive letter in Asoftech Photo Recovery

4. Select the images that you want to recover, and then press Recover button to recover deleted photo and video files from digital camera SD card.

You can recover deleted photos and videos from digital camera memory card as long as the deleted photo and video files are not overwritten by new photos or videos.

This brings an important tips about digital camera file recovery: when photo or video files are deleted or memory card are formatted, the space occupied by those deleted files are marked as free and available for any new photos or videos. So do not use the camera when you realize that media files are deleted, or memory card error happens. We suggest that you turn off the digital camera immediately and then take out the memory card from camera and put the memory card at a safe place so that later you can use digital camera data recovery software to recover the photo and video files from the camera SD card.

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